About Us

About Us

Our Genesis

Born out of a desire to ignite a revival in the Northeast, Andre with his family and friends began a missionary training school founded on scripture and missionary outreach. This small beginning was initially called The Mission and then formally organized as Tekoa Missions. This group of missionaries were able to educate students, distribute thousands of pieces of literature, preach hundreds of sermons, hold cooking schools, health expos, give lifestyle consultations, establish mission centers and outpost in Upstate New York, Ethiopia, Botswana, and Quebec. All while inspiring a generation of young adults to enter into the calling God had on their lives. This road was not easy, and struggle was often a great teacher. In light of our many lessons and the changing times we see a bright future ahead as we move forward as the Faith Institute.

Our Mission

To Establish a Mentorship Ecosystem (Faith Hubs) where Christ-centered believers, ministries and businesses are practically educated, inspired, connected, and successfully developed.

Our Vision

To Ignite, Educate and Connect a Global Missional Generation Successful In Establishing Missionary Centers, Businesses, Churches, Schools, And Homes Around The World Called Faith Hubs, Working In Synchronicity Advancing The Everlasting Gospel. We will do this by:

  • Providing Live Trainings and Certification Courses Year-Round Online
  • Providing Short on Campus Trainings
  • Providing On-Demand Archived Classes, Sermons, Seminars & Courses
  • Conducting Pop-up Trainings Schools in Different Locations Globally
  • Initiating and Participating in Faith Challenges
  • Developing Strategic Alliances within our Faith Community for Support, 
  • Encouragement, and Outreach Purposes.