Ring of Mentors

Ring of Mentors

Ring of Mentors

The Ring of Mentors is a dedicated group of men and women who serve, instruct, and guide those who enroll in the Faith Institute. This ring of Mentors provides a hedge of protection for those missionary mentees finding their way. To ensure this protection there are three key areas our Mentors focus on:


In this program our mentees are to learn, understand, and apply the knowledge given in each class. The application of truth is more important than head knowledge alone. Each mentor organizes their classes to facilitate the best conditions for the mentees to lay hold of, apply, and master truth. The goal is to have each mentee master the knowledge area.


Our Mentors know that ministry is both to head and heart. Coming close to each mentee is the key that unlocks their learning experience. The only true way to the heart of the mentee is for the Mentor to drink richly of the experience with Christ. As mentors enter fellowship with Christ, they are more aptly able to enter into fellowship with each mentee. We believe in the inspired formula known as Christ Method. The equation is below.

Mingle As One Who Desires Their Good + Show Sympathy + Minister To Their Needs + Win Confidence FOLLOW ME


As each Mentor is in fellowship with Christ they can safely say like Paul, “follow me as I follow Christ.” It is said of Jesus “never a man spake as He spake because never a man lived as He lived.” Our mentees need to see an example of Christ, how the knowledge is applied, and how the work is to be lived out in practical terms. Various opportunities present themselves that will allow the Mentor to demonstrate the reality of the instruction presented.

Meet The Mentors

Victor Broushet is a skilled journeyman industrial electrician with 27+ years of installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems; transit systems; movie theaters, television studios, commercial real estate, new construction, switch gear / service work and bridges throughout New York City. 

In 2015; husband and wife team, Victor and Nicole Broushet became the Founders of The Vegan Nest, turned The Vegan Nest Cafe in 2017, a 100% non GMO,

Massachusetts based, plant-based cafè; serving locally sourced, health-supportive, plant-based cuisine made from scratch and with love in a home-style environment thoughtfully established to provide a peaceful, positive space for all to gather and enjoy. 

In 2015; husband and wife team, Victor and Nicole Broushet became the Founders of The Vegan Nest, turned The Vegan Nest Cafe in 2017, a 100% non GMO, Massachusetts based, plant-based cafè; serving locally sourced, health-supportive, plant-based cuisine made from scratch and with love in a home-style environment thoughtfully established to provide a peaceful, positive space for all to gather and enjoy. In 2015; the couple also founded what is now known as Glō Mom, a maternal health and wellness advocacy organization also based in Massachusetts. 

As a Plant-Based Chef food is a great passion of Nicole’s. The flavors, the colors, the textures but it goes so much deeper. Food has culture. It has history. It has story. It has relationships. It is often through food that we find the perfect way to build community. As a Master’s level Organizational Psychologist working in large, International NGOs (non governmental organizations), like the International Rescue Committee and Human Rights Watch; understanding effective conflict management strategies and relational dynamics is another passion.

As a mother of three children, serving the family, parenting and motherhood with specific regard to mental, emotional and relational health is a third. This is the foundation of her Social Entrepreneurship as Chef/Co- Owner of the Vegan Nest Cafe, a 100% non GMO, Massachusetts based, plant-based cafè; serving locally sourced, health-supportive, plant-based cuisine made from scratch and with love in a home-style environment thoughtfully established to provide a peaceful, positive space for all to gather and enjoy. Nicole and her husband are also Founders of Glō Mom, a maternal health and wellness advocacy organization. It is at the intersection of these passions – food, people and family that you will find the heartbeat of Nicole’s work; to come alongside others in their journey to health and wholeness, to create space for their stories and to serve as an access point to freely given, abundant health (in all its forms) that is rooted in simplicity and intention.

Glenn Ballard is a licensed contractor in the state of Georgia and is happily married to his amazing wife Akilah. He is owner of the company “TRUED (pronounced ’trood’) Carpentry”. Soon after his conversion, he was led to attend Tekoa Missions where his missionary training and experience birthed a desire to pioneer a self supporting missionary school of his own for young adults, and TRUED Carpentry is the budding seed of this vision.

TRUED? You may be wondering: “What does it mean?” The term itself is defined as something that is level, plumb, and/or square… in short, it signifies accuracy which perfectly conveys our work ethic. In addition, and arguably even more significantly, it is also short for the term: “True Education” a term that demands the highest development of all our God-given powers. He and his wife desire that this business shall not only teach trades to others for self-support but most importantly be the means of reaching our clients with the truth for this time. 

Akilah Ballard has worked as a finance and accounting professional for over 10 years and is currently an Accounting Manager at a mid-sized manufacturing firm.  Over her tenure she’s amassed diversified experience ranging across various industries; including: financial services, manufacturing, consulting and medical. 

Her background also spans start-ups, small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and not-for-profit organizations.  She holds a B.S. in Business Administration with a Finance concentration. Outside of work Akilah also assists start-up and small businesses with business consultation and accounting services. 

She shares with her husband, owner and licensed Contractor at Trued Carpentry, a passion for mentorship, entrepreneurship and evangelism. The last of which she believes is the single aim of life, integral to all that she does.

Dr. Victor Waller (a.k.a. Dr. Vee) graduated from Oakwood University with a BA in Theology, and from Andrews University with a MA in Education Administration, and a MDiv in Church Administration. He also earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Education from Capella University and has served over 30 years as a classroom instructor and administrator for both Seventh-day Adventist and public schools, while lay-pastoring for about 10 years.

Dr. Vee persistent and resilient pursuit in developing a Christ-like character has led him to create a Character Development curriculum based on the bible and the writings of Ellen G. White. Gifted with the talent of interpreting and explaining the Scriptures for the more secular minds in expository and practical ways, Dr. Vee is the author of a 2005 fictional work, “Reality Checked: Life Through Death”. His most recent work, “Positively, I AM”, challenges readers to reflectively think of who God is, and what it really means to be in relationship with the Creator.

Dr. Vee is called to personally experience and the share the love of God with all who are seeking to know God for themselves.

Hello, meet Mrs. Debra A.Waller, She  has been married for  45 years to Dr.Victor Waller extraordinaire. They have 3 amazing children and 8 wonderful grandchildren.  By profession she is a Registered  Nurse licensed since 1977. She has worked  on the hospital units of ortho, renal, cardiovascular,  general surgery, general medicine and the IV team.  Has participated in orienting  and teaching new nurses, nurse techs,  and nurses aides their roles in their new positions.

Her greatest passion is in teaching patients and their family to carefully care for their bodies and stay well. She greatly enjoys being with family, sharing Bible lessons with young and old. Her hobbies include sewing, interior design, trying new recipes and crafting. Thank you, sincerely.

Lo-Ammi Richardson is familiar with the struggles and challenges facing students today. Between the ages of 15 to 25, he was trapped in a lifestyle of fighting, skipping school, and selling drugs leading to multiple juvenile arrests. This behavior led to bad decision-making, low academic performance, and wasted opportunities. His life took a positive turn when he attended a Youth Conference in Kentucky. Since that conference, he has traveled the world sharing his inspiring story detailed in his book I Am is Greater than I Was; From Identity Lost to Purpose Found.

Lo-Ammi has experienced firsthand the hardships and trials that students face when trying to enter college, graduate , and contribute to American societal and economic life. Lo-Ammi seeks to use his story to serve and motivate students to find their inspiration, calling and purpose. As a coach he seeks to serve and motivate students to successfully complete their postsecondary education and excel at their local school.


Lo-Ammi is a first-generation college graduate completing his bachelor’s degree from top renowned HBCU Oakwood University. Having triumphed over the adversities of growing up in a low-income community and attending a Title 1 High School.His story is one of hope and a purpose discovered. Lo-Ammi’s experiences have led him to become the motivational speaker and mentor he is today. Nationally, he has traveled touching the lives of many young people. Traveling over 25 states, and internationally from Canada, Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Taiwan, and the Middle East.

Lo-Ammi is uniquely equipped to ignite this generation of students to believe that all things are possible while helping them find their calling and purpose in this culture.


Peter Chung is a Seventh-day Adventist high school history teacher with a Master of Art in History from Cal State Fullerton.  He specializes in U.S. History and also is an active speaker on Sabbaths for various churches. 

He also has a podcast on civil and religious liberty and end-time events called Healing the Nations podcast, and a history youtube channel with gospel object lessons called DocuDevotionals.  His desire is to preach the end-time gospel message in Jesus.  

After spending years of their young adult lives pursuing relationships according to the secular world, God introduced Brandon and Sheretta Taylor to the beauty of a Christ-centered courtship. They were compelled to share this revelation in a series of YouTube videos entitled The Courtship Series.

Within a few months, their channel – Worth The Wait – grew to thousands of viewers from around the world. Through this platform, God has allowed them to travel domestically and internationally sharing practical, relationship advice for singles and couples alike.

In 2019, the couple released their first devotional book, Tokens of Love: A 31-Day Devotional Journey Through the Love Stories of the Bible. They currently live in central Indiana with their two children.” 

Sarah‘s love for children and plant-based food makes it unbelievably easy for her to connect with people from all walks of life through her meal-prep business, Veats Bar.

When she’s not catering, helping people transition to a plant based diet, meal prepping, doing classes, pop ups or private tasting menus, she’s most likely  sharing delicious veggie-forward plant-based recipes on instagram.

She has published book one of her children’s book series called “The Incredible Adventures of Jakey, Joshy and Izzy: Why We Eat Broccoli”.  It centers around fun and engaging ways to get kids to eat their veggies, and she is now working on the second book of the series! 

She has also started an online ministry for young adults called New England Youth Retreat where once a year they come together and discuss problems we all face that are typically considered taboo to tackle in the church. 



Currently, she lives in Georgia where she’s working with a high school in Atlanta  as part of an initiative to bring healthy and delicious plant-based meals to public schools situated in food deserts!

Dr Tom Dombroski

Dr. Jim Sharps is a natural health educator, author, lecturer and consultant. He is former President of the Board of Directors of the Self-Healing Research Foundation in San Francisco, a Director of the International Society of Naturopathy, and the Founding Director of Integrated Health Therapies, a California-based natural healthcare facility, which specialized in corrective nutrition, colon hydrotherapy, therapeutic massage, health education and other health services.

Dr. Sharps currently runs a private practice in Columbia, Maryland, and Smithfield, Virginia, specializing in corrective nutrition and natural health education, where he conducts both onsite and teleconsultations. He is also involved in several natural health initiatives including President of The International Institute of Original Medicine (IIOM), a Biblically-based, distance learning Christian Natural Health Institute of Higher Learning. IIOM offers certifications and degree diplomas from the bachelor’s to the doctorate level.


His books, Basic Principles of Total HealthConcepts of Original Medicine, and Ways to Wellness Natural Recipe Book are designed to equip and empower his readers with concepts and principles for physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Dr. Sharps holds a Ph.D. and three doctorates: one in Naturopathy, one in Herbology and one in Nutritional Science. He also holds an undergraduate degree in Economics, an MBA in Marketing and Computer Methodology, and he worked for over twenty years in the information technology field for both Fortune 500 and smaller companies. His health training and practice, combined with his corporate, business, and marketing background, offers unique perspectives for a wide variety of audiences.

My name is Victoria Latu

I am 32 years old. I was born in Mesa Arizona, went back to my mother land Tonga at 5 years old. I grew up there, until 2011, I then moved back here to the States. I was introduced  to Tekoa Missions by a family member of mine and attended the school for 2 years.

I then got married to my husband in 2016 and have been married since. I help him and his family run their family business, which provides me the opportunity and privilege to work from home. 

We enjoy meeting new people and look forward for the soon coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

My name is Manu Latu. I am 36 years old. I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. My family moved to Stockton, California when I was three years old. They moved to California to start the family business which my brothers and I have taken over. We took over the family business 9 years ago.

We own an Electrical Company called Tamaleko Electric. I was raised as an adventist and was baptized in 2005 with my brothers. In 2016 I married my wife Victoria. We currently are involved in many ministries within our church. We are worship leaders, we help out with the youth and young adults within our church in Northern California. We also run two different studies throughout the week on zoom. One on Tuesday nights, which we call “Taco Tuesday” and a sabbath school study on Friday evenings.

My wife and I love to travel to different places and we love creating new memories! 


Della D. Patton is a wife, and mother of three adult children, and grandmother of five very delightful children. Della D. Patton is the creator and founder of Global Outreach Ministry; a Bible-based prayer and Foreign Missionary church-based organization of the Seventh Day Adventist Membership. We are committed to sharing the gospel and meeting the needs of people throughout the world.

Della’s life and ministry have provided opportunities for her to serve in many areas and in various capacities. Over several years she sat on many Corporate Boards. Within her Ministry Della Patton has held leadership positions in several departments at Conferences and at Union levels. She is a sought- after motivational speaker and presenter with focus on diverse topics. As a missionary, she has been involved with humanitarian work and gospel outreach in Martinique, USA, Canada, Kenya, England, India, Nepal, South Africa, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and the Caribbean.


Della is a graduate of Kean University / University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology/ Psychiatric Rehabilitation. She later attained a Master of Arts degree in Counselor Education from Kean University. She also attained a Doctor of Divinity (Honoris Causa) from CICA International University & Seminary. Della is a Licensed Champlain, a Christian Clinical Counselor, and a Human Services Board-Certified Practitioner.

Della’s life demonstrates that she is driven to advance the welfare of others through service to God and her fellowmen. Her untiring commitment as an advocate for the marginalized and underprivileged in society is equaled only to the rectitude she exhibits in her everyday affairs. Della believes in maximizing her God-given potential and as such spends much time in prayer and in the service of God.



Dave Fiedler currently lives in British Columbia, Canada with his wife, Clarissa, and their daughter, Tifona. He has taught elementary, secondary, and collegiate classes in various Seventh-day Adventist schools. His books, Hindsight: Seventh-day Adventist History in Essays and Extracts and D’Sozo: Reversing the Worst Evil came from his appreciation for the lessons of Adventist denominational history, and seeks to apply those lessons for a final completion of God’s Work on Earth.


Dwayne Walton is a native if Washington DC. He has been a lay preacher for fifteen years. In Dec of 2020 he graduated from the Soul-winning And Leadership Training course at Southern Adventist University. He currently works as a Bible Instructor and Trainer. He and his wife Angela have been married for 24 years and the have 6 children.

Pastor Dwayne V. Turner is a native of Oakland, California.  He has been serving as a pastor in the Northeastern Conference for over 30 years. Pastor Turner has presented in-depth prophecy seminars throughout the United States and in many countries abroad, including England, Ghana, Canada, Jamaica, Aruba, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, and Indonesia.

He currently pastors the New Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Dimensions of Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church; both of which are located in Harlem, New York.  He and his wife, Jackie, have three children.


Jerry Traverse is an Author, Teacher, Researcher, Scientist, Naturalist, Soil Analyst, Farm Manager, Organic Gardner, Back to the Lander, and Bible Teacher.

Stephen and Felecia Lee are partners in the Mission. They share a mutual passion for young adult ministries and using their talents to share the Gospel. Stephen is the Marketing Director at the Center for Online Evangelism, a ministry focused on sharing the Gospel Online.

Stephen also teaches the art of productivity and how time management affects spirituality. Felecia is a full-time homemaker and also the founder of the New Wives Club. In addition to this, she runs a program teaching women of color how to learn principles of faith through natural hair care.

They live in New Hampshire and speak in different places on topics related to singleness, courtship, communication, evangelism, and faith.

Andre Waller, Director of Tekoa Missions, gave his heart to Jesus at a very early age. He is a graduate of Jones International Institute, Oakwood College and was trained in personal evangelism at George King Institute. Evangelist Waller has a deep passion for the work of God and seeks to train more young workers to enter the missionary field, preparing souls to be reaped for glory when Christ returns. He has a volume of experience in gospel ministry as a literature evangelist, Bible instructor, educator, and evangelism coordinator. The Lord has blessed him with Alpha Waller (his lovely wife) and Nyasiah Channi Waller (daddy’s girl). He enjoys reading, nature, and spending time with his family.